Dec 8, 2023

Chic Design & Ultimate Tranquility: Weddings at Stella Beach Villas, Sri Lanka

Traditional wedding venues have their place, but for the more quirky amongst us, we need something different. If you feel more at home standing on a beach than you do inside a building, then this place is for you. Weddings at Stella Beach Villas don’t skimp on the luxuries though, offering you and your guests one of the best beachside venues in the world.

The Rundown

Budget: Depends on season

Capacity: 150 people

Catering: Third party recommended (though can be accommodated in-house)

Packages: N/A

Contact: Stella Beach Villa / Instagram @stellabeachvilla / Facebook @stellabeachvilla

About Stella Beach Villas

Designed for large gatherings, the three separate buildings that form the Stella Beach Villas wedding venue can host a total of 35 guests with space for many more attendees. Each features a swimming pool, a highly stylised yet well-placed interior, and the ability to hire private chefs for just $12 per person for breakfast, and $20 per person for dinner and lunch.

Why Should You Consider It?

For those people looking for something different to the traditional wedding venue, you’ll love what Stella Beach Villas has to offer. Not only will you have a stunning backdrop for your big day, but also everything you need for an epic Stella Beach Villas wedding. 

Fancy running into the sea with your family and friends straight after you’ve said your vows? Go for it! As a Stella Beach Villas wedding photographer, I’ll be here to capture the madness as it unfolds!

Aesthetic and Vibes

Situated on 3-acres of land on the coastline of Madiha, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to spots for wedding photography. There’s no reason you won’t be able to explore the local rock pools in front of the villa, get married at Stella Beach Villas, and then do a massive yoga lesson with your guests. 

The real key to this venue is how relaxed it makes you feel. It’s easy to get carried away on your big day with a list of never-ending things to do, but weddings at Stella Beach Villas seem to constantly evoke a sense of calm.


You’ll be able to choose from 3 separate accommodation options for your stay, though all of them are next to each other which is great for families. There’s a total of 35 guest rooms across all the villas which should be more than enough for those who’d like to stay.


If you find yourself staying longer than a few days (and trust me, you’ll want to!), you can spend your time whale watching, trekking, surfing, exploring temples, cycling, exploring, and touring the local area. This is what sets weddings at Stella Beach Villas above other beachfront venues, and it’s what will ensure you have a wedding celebration to remember forever.


If you feel more at home with sand between your toes and the wind in your hair than you do in a church or more traditional setting, the pull of Stella Beach Villas for your wedding will be a strong one. Still looking to hire a wedding photographer in Sri Lanka? Get in contact about your wedding plans.

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