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I’m an Austria elopement & wedding photographer and the lead creative at Myrtle Weddings.

My photography origin story began when I graduated high school and briefly left my hometown of Vienna for a year of study at the Arts Institute in Bournemouth, UK. From there, I earned a design degree from Goldsmiths University in London and began my life as a conceptual designer. 

I loved living in England — especially its vibrant arts community and one-of-a-kind comedy scene — but after four years in big-city London I felt a calling to return to a slower paced life (and sourdough bread). I missed the mountains, and I wanted to live somewhere I could snowboard while immersing myself in my work at the same time. 

Back in Austria, I earned my Master’s degree in Intermedia in 2017. I worked for a year as a staff photographer at a photo studio in Bregenz, where I photographed quite a few weddings. During that time, I fell in love with the eclectic wedding photography in Vienna and decided to pursue that work full time. Now I get to travel to tons of amazing places photographing incredible people on one of the most special days of their lives.

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When I’m not out and about photographing weddings, you can find me enjoying films — Quentin Tarantino (cinematography, plots, music, colour grading, and wry irony … while keeping my eyes and ears closed on all the fighting scenes!), Wes Anderson (his movies speak to the part of my soul that loves all things weird, quirky, and visually appealing), and Greta Gerwig (I love that she uses her artistic talents to make strange masterpieces).

Let’s see, what else should you know about me? While I’m pretty soft and sensitive, I’m also the kind of person who will laugh at your dark humour! I love smart, unconventional people, visual art that challenges preconceived ideas, and jumping into new experiences (there’s nothing I won’t try at least once). 

I also love to travel and spend my winters in sunny Sri Lanka, where I shoot weddings all winter long, so if you’re planning a destination wedding in Sri Lanka, let me know!


The name Myrtle Weddings has its roots in Greek mythology. An evergreen shrub with many branches, the myrtle plant was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

The Greeks and Romans used to decorate their brides with myrtle branches, and this wedding custom reached German-speaking countries in the 16th century. After the wedding, the bride put the myrtle wreath in the ground, where it took root and continued to grow. 

The myrtle was a symbol of lasting marital happiness, and perfectly embodies the philosophy behind my natural wedding photography.


My photos will tell the story of your wedding day as it actually happened with a bit of glamour, in a fashion editorial style. 

You can rely on me to capture all the big show-stopping moments like the big kiss or your first dance as a couple, along with all the quirks that make your special day unique — whether it’s your uncle loudly telling a hilarious story after enjoying one too many cocktails or the beautiful madness of your guests forming a celebratory mob on the dance floor at the end of the night. 

I’ll be there to photograph all the splendid chaos that you’ll never want to forget, making you feel seen and heard.

The end result is a collection of natural, unaffected photos that perfectly communicate the magic and emotions of the day — both the heartfelt and the delightfully absurd.

Documentary wedding PHOTOGRAPHY
in Austria and beyond.

Documentary wedding PHOTOGRAPHY in Austria and beyond.


from amazing people

Sometimes after I’ve finished photographing one of my amazing couples, they’re kind enough to share their positive experience. Here are a few flattering things some of my couples have had to say.

Selina & Simon

With Kirstin, we had the feeling right from the start that we were on the same wavelength. She was so great with us - and managed to make us feel super comfortable in front of the camera, so that we could be completely natural. The photos turned out incredibly well - when you look through them, you feel like you're reliving the day.

After our first meeting in Vienna and the first couple photos, we were not only convinced by Kirstin as a person - now a dear friend of ours - but also by her extraordinary talent. My husband and I are not big fans of being photographed and are not very good at posing. Kirstin immediately conjured up a warm and relaxed atmosphere and the first fantastic pictures of us were taken.

Valentina & Max

Mercedes & Constantin

It was all the nicer that we were finally able to meet Kirstin in person this year and that she accompanied our wedding. It was a "familiar" and relaxed atmosphere right from the start - as if we had known Kirstin for a long time. She accompanied our celebration over two days and managed to capture the mood and individual moments perfectly (120 people, different locations & changes, no easy lighting conditions etc.). - a big "Chapeau" (!))

If you’re ready to start planning your destination wedding in Austria, Switzerland, or beyond, then let’s get to work! I can’t wait to hear what you have planned. 

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