Dec 8, 2023

5-Star Luxury & Wes Anderson Vibes: Weddings at Hotel Sacher, Vienna

Do you have dreams of a wedding that looks as though it’s been plucked straight from a Hollywood movie? Weddings at Hotel Sacher are pretty much as close as you can get to the whimsical, weird, and downright quirky vibes of a Wes Anderson film. And better still, it’s a place where you’ll get to experience the world-famous ‘Sacher-Torte’ cake straight from its origin.

The Rundown

Budget: Personalized

Capacity: 100 People

Catering: Provided in-house

Packages: Customised for each couple

Contact: Hotel Sacher Vienna / @sacherhotels

About Hotel Sacher Vienna

Originally opened in 1876 by Eduard Sacher, the hotel quickly reached a status of luxury through its exclusive and elite list of clientele. Fast forward to today and the extravagant and opulent interiors, as well as a rich history set the groundwork perfectly for some of the most spectacular weddings in Europe. 

Why Should You Consider It?

Hotel Sacher wedding venue is the luxury hotel in Vienna, and no other venue is likely to do your day as much justice as this will. The rooms and decor are enchanting, all of which make excellent backdrops for your day, and offer more than a few wedding photo opportunities. All great reasons to get married at Hotel Sacher.

The hotel itself is located smack bang in the centre of Vienna and opposite the Vienna State Opera, a 1,709 worldwide icon and institution. Weddings at Hotel Sacher even include onsite beauty experts to make sure your well-being throughout your stay is nothing but the best.

Aesthetic and Vibes

Classic, luxury, and bold. Those are just a few of the ways to describe the setting at Hotel Sacher. Wedding photography options are seemingly endless with the classical decor and light-flooded spaces ensuring you’ll end up with quirky, cinematic photos that tell your story. 

While there’s the option for traditional wedding photography, the rich history of Hotel Sacher combined with numerous rooms and spaces means we can truly create a body of work that’ll last a lifetime. As a Hotel Sacher wedding photographer, it’s a dream!


Having onsite accommodation means you can have more of those beautifully chaotic dance-floor moments without your guests worrying about how to get back. With 152 rooms, Hotel Sacher offers a range of elegant rooms and suites, so you can keep the party going for longer!


Weddings at Hotel Sacher are personalised, so your food will be as bold and beautiful as your surroundings on the day. You’ll not just be sharing a beautifully presented cake made by world-class chefs, but cutting into the world-famous, original, Sacher-Torte. That’s something you won’t get anywhere else in the world.

Reciting your vows inside the history-rich walls guarantees you a wedding like no other. Not only will you be joining the ranks of some of the country’s most influential people, but you’ll also experience a wedding day that looks as though it’s been plucked straight from a Wes Anderson film. 

World-class food, opulent decor, and exquisite service make this a venue to remember. If you’re looking to hire a wedding photographer in Vienna, get in contact today and we’ll make sure all the beautiful madness of your day is added to the history books.

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