Dec 8, 2023

How To Choose The Right Vienna Wedding Planner For Your Big Day

Whether you’re after a quirky wedding, a day grounded in Austrian tradition, or an occasion that celebrates the beautiful chaos of your friends and family in one place, hiring a Vienna wedding planner is going to be invaluable. 

So if you’ve ever wondered “How do I choose a wedding planner?” or  ‘What questions should you ask a wedding planner?’ read on!

Determine Your Vision Of A Perfect Day

I’m not saying you need to know exactly what it is you want (though, it’s great if you do!), but it’s going to be incredibly helpful for finding a wedding planner in Vienna if you’ve got a particular idea in mind. Even if it’s fairly general, this is something that you can do to make wedding planning in Vienna a much easier task.

Understand Your Aesthetic

Following on from the point above, understanding if this particular wedding planner is used to planning a wedding in Vienna with an aesthetic similar to yours is a great way to know if they’re the correct one to choose. 

For instance, if you’re looking to take advantage of Vienna’s incredible architecture, look for wedding planners who have worked with venues like Schönbrunn Palace or Belvedere Palace. Follow this logic for the style and feel of a wedding you’d love.

Understand Your Shared Values

Even more important than making sure the Vienna wedding planner understands your aesthetic is making sure they share your values. Are you set on a wedding with ethical wedding vendors, respecting Vienna’s cultural heritage, and being environmentally conscious? Then your planner should share those values too. 

A planner who’s 110% onboard with your vision and shares your values will make your day so much better and ensure a stress-free experience.

Get A Full List Of Their Services

Having your wedding in Vienna gives you access to a huge amount of caterers, locations, photographers, stylists, hotels, musicians, florists, and more. The list is practically endless, which means there can be many moving parts to a wedding.

It’s important to know if your Vienna wedding planner offers suitable services. Budget management, scheduling, decor assistance, contingency plans, and coordination are just a few to consider.

Confirm The Costs As Soon As Possible

Sadly, Vienna isn’t the cheapest city in the world and weddings don’t always come cheap either… Make sure to confirm costs with your potential planner as soon as possible. If your budgets don’t line up, they aren’t the one for you!

Ensure They Have Experience Working In Vienna

While you technically could hire a fantastic wedding planner and fly them into the city if your budget allows, choosing someone with years of experience planning Vienna weddings is a much safer bet. They’ve been there, know the landscape, and got the metaphorical T-shirt. 

Discuss Contingency Options

It depends on the season you’re holding your wedding, but the weather in Vienna is generally fairly predictable. However, it pays to have backup options and contingency plans for those ‘just in case’ situations. 

A rainy day, a no-show vendor, or technical difficulties at your venue are just some of the things your Vienna wedding planner should be able to tell you their plan for upfront. From here, you’ll be able to get a feeling for how safe you feel leaving your wedding in their hands

Confirm Their Cultural Knowledge

Austria is a country known for its rich cultural heritage, and the capital, Vienna, is a prime example of this. Hiring a wedding planner in Vienna who’s well versed in the country’s nuanced culture is a surefire way to help Vienna show off your wedding in the best way possible while keeping authentic to its surroundings.

Discuss Their Connections

One way to know how to choose the right wedding planner in Vienna is through discussing their connections. They should have contact books filled with the best in the business. Of course, those are the vendors that’ll make your wedding day one to remember, and the ones you’ll want to book! Having a well-connected planner will make that a whole lot easier and less stressful.

Are They Multilingual?

If you don’t speak German, navigating challenges that arrive on the day, and organising everything beforehand is going to be far harder than it needs to be. That’s why for most people, having a wedding planner who can easily and openly communicate with you, the vendors, the venue, and anyone else involved in your wedding is invaluable. 


It might seem like there’s a lot to do in preparation for your wedding and even on the day itself, but spending the time to find and choose the perfect Vienna wedding planner will completely transform your experience and leave you stress-free for the whole experience. If you’re still looking to hire a wedding photographer in Vienna or after some help with knowing how to choose the best wedding planner for you, let’s chat.

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