Dec 23, 2022

The 4 Best Wedding Venues In Bregenzerwald

Bregenzerwald (also known as Bregenz Forest) is a really beautiful spot in Vorarlberg, western Austria and a hot spot for great skiing. With 32,000 people living in the valley, the inhabitants are said to be somewhat stubborn and down-to-earth, but with an eye for beauty. I think these are perfect conditions for a fantastic wedding! Here are my top 4 wedding venues in Bregenzerwald with something for every taste: cool, traditional, extravagant, on fleek … 

1. Jöslar in Andelsbuch

The Jöslar used to be a general store, and today it’s one of the most charming pubs I know. This old Bregenzerwald house could tell a thousand stories! Guni, the landlord, serves food for the soul and drinks are always in full supply. 

It’s a really cool and charming location, and you could top it with an outdoor wedding on the Niedere! Take a romantic two-person chairlift to the “summit” (in the Bregenzerwald, you can’t call it a summit because it’s not high enough to be a real mountain). At the top, you can enjoy a wonderful view — all the way to Lake Constance. #loveisintheair

2. Villa Maund in Schoppernau

A classic wedding location, this villa is tucked away in a small clearing in the woods. This former hunting villa from 1890 is exactly as you would imagine it to be: noble, a bit ostentatious, and yet rural. The outdoor area is beautiful. 

What I also like quite a bit is that you’re completely undisturbed and far away from background noise — a perfect setting for an intimate wedding in the Austrian mountains!

3. The Gauklerhof (Allgäu, Germany)

Only a few metres over the border in Allgäu Germany, you’ll find The Gauklerhof. Previously a village inn, it’s now a hip place with picturesque surroundings and a fine beer garden. Like to party until the wee hours of the morning? Sit outside when the weather is nice? Like things cosy and homey? The Gauklerhof could be the ideal wedding venue for you, especially if you’re looking to get married in the mountains of Austria. (In any case, everyone — with or without a wedding — should try the burgers there. They’re phenomenal).

4. Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg 

A place of sensual pleasure — that’s how the Hotel Hirschen wedding venue in Schwarzenberg describes itself. It’s quite true: The old walls speak of pleasure and sensuality. The village centre, where Hotel Hirschen is located, is also extremely idyllic. 

Schwarzenberg used to be somewhat special: quite wealthy people lived here, including the artist Angelika Kaufmann. You can see that in the architecture and in everything that you can discover here from the past. 


If you’re planning a wedding in Austria and want to chat more about the best wedding venues in Bregenzerwald, get in touch and let’s make your wedding completely unforgettable.  

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