Feb 22, 2022

Getting Married In Lech: Interview With A Wedding Planner

Many couples who are considering getting married in Lech come from abroad. To make the process and planning easier, I highly recommend getting in touch with a local wedding planner in Austria who has a lot of experience in Lech.

I met up with Gabi Michelluzi from Hochzeitsfeen to talk about getting married in Lech. We discussed: 

  • Where to start with planning?
  • What are the most important steps?
  • What are the favourites that are particularly suitable as a wedding location?

Interview With A Wedding Planner In Austria (Vorarlberg)

Kirstin: Hello everyone, I’m here with Gabi Michelluzi from the Wedding Fairies in Hard (Vorarlberg). Today we’re talking about getting married in Lech. Planning something like this from afar is not easy — you have to know a lot and it needs good planning. That’s why I’m sitting here with Gabi because she is an absolute expert when it comes to weddings in Lech. 

What can you say about Lech in general? Why is it nice to get married there?

Gabi: First of all, it’s the landscape, the mountains, the setting — Lech is incredibly beautiful. What’s also quite outstanding are the restaurants, venues, and hotels in Lech — they’re all really geared towards doing exclusive work.

Where do you start planning your wedding once you’ve decided on Lech?

First, find a date that fits and then look at different wedding locations. Lech offers great locations down in the valley, but also great places up on the mountain in Oberlech. It can be anything from a very exclusive chalet to an alpine hut and great hotels. Everything is possible in Lech. 

Finding A Local Austrian Wedding Planner & Wedding Venues In Lech

How does it work once you’ve found a date and you’re sure that you want to get married in Lech?

Usually, when they come to me for wedding planning, I suggest locations. I can tell you exactly what happens at each location, what the space is like, what the rooms look like, and whether you can get married there in a registry office.

That’s also a huge plus in Lech, for example. In Vorarlberg, you’re limited to the premises of registry offices but in Lech you can get married on the mountain, on the hotel terrace, anywhere!

That’s remarkable because I know from my own experience that getting married in a registry office is unfortunately not possible everywhere.

Yes, that’s what’s special about Lech — they are very flexible. For example, if you celebrate at the Hotel Krone, you can have your civil ceremony on the hotel terrace. The registrar Jochum does it very lovingly and personally.

Once the date is fixed, you can start choosing the service providers — photographer, videographer, freelance speaker, registrar, church wedding, priest, decoration, florist, stationery etc. (Tip for a local service provider portal, check out Lech says yes). Various categories and service providers are suggested, which you can then select. Once the basic framework is in place, you can start working on the details. 

Gabi’s Recommendations For Wedding Venues & Hotels in Lech

In terms of locations, what are your favourites?

In itself, every location in Lech is great. But it all depends on the style. The Rudalpe, for example, is really excellent. It’s a bit on the slope, not quite as posh, a bit more rustic. You can have your wedding there on the terrace (you can have a civil ceremony or a free wedding). Even if the weather is not great, you can hold the ceremony on the upper floor of the hut.

What’s also great is the Golden Mountain with a super terrace and an insanely beautiful panorama. It’s incredible and we always have beautiful weather there. It’s a bit more rustic indoors and has accommodation as well. If you’re having a welcome get together or a group breakfast the following day, it’s a good place to go. Just note that the party location is often at another hotel.

The Post is another excellent building. Its banqueting hall has two beautiful glass domes, which give a great light and a beautiful effect. The Post also has a beautiful garden which offers enough space for the cocktail reception or the wedding ceremony. The old church in Lech, a beautiful building, is also within walking distance. It is often combined in this way. First the church and then on foot to the Post hotel!

Then there’s the Romantikhotel Krone. It has a newly renovated ballroom, a beautiful terrace for ceremonies, and a great bar. I always think it’s great when the meal and the party are not in the same room. You often think, ah, that’s not so good, but the change of location is invigorating! When the party is in a bar area where not everyone has a seat, it creates a better party atmosphere because then you’re automatically standing at the bar table and rocking along. The hotel also has a great wellness area which is practical when guests extend their stay a bit. 

Another exciting hotel is the Hotel Arlberg which has a beautiful terrace. This year we are doing a wedding there together. There will be a welcome evening and the ceremony will be in the old church, about an 8-minute walk away. The staff at Hotel Arlberg are so flexible that almost everything is possible.

Also great: The Berghof is a lovingly run family business. We’ve been able to enchant bridal couples there several times. It also has a great garden for a free wedding ceremony and great rooms — rustic and elegant. What is absolutely fascinating is the cuisine there. The food is bombastic!

What is it like for guests then? Do all guests sleep in a hotel?

It’s usually much more pleasant if all the guests can sleep in one hotel. If you start planning early, it is possible to book the whole hotel or divide the guests among other hotels. 

The Weather In Lech

What is the weather like in Lech?

The weather in Lech is always very exciting. When I talk to couples, they want to get married in August because they really want nice weather. I have to say that it’s very difficult to predict in Lech. 

For example, we already had snow in August! But at the beginning of November, we already had 26C degrees. The weather in the mountains is unpredictable and you have to plan your wedding for any weather, so that if it rains on the big day it’s not a problem. 

And of course, it’s also great for taking photos because the panorama is really great in all directions. 

Yes, and what’s more, since Lech lives on tourism, you’ll notice that everyone is extremely friendly and accommodating. So you’re in really good hands in Lech. 

What time of year can you recommend?

Anytime. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s summer, winter, spring or autumn. You do have to stick to the opening hours because Lech is closed in the off-season. 

Other Helpful Tips

The wedding portal “Lech sagt ja” is a good place to find local service providers.

Lech wedding planning, floristry, decoration and stationery:

Wedding venues in Lech:

Planning a destination wedding in Lech and need a local, experienced photographer? Get in touch any time and I’m happy to send you all the info you need.

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